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Concordia University Texas Campus Police

Parking Policies and Procedures

Online Parking Permit Application   (Must be completed using Internet Explorer ONLY)

Complete all required fields in the form. Bring your driver's license and your proof of current liability insurance coverage to the Campus Police Office to obtain your parking permit.

Concordia University Texas Student Parking Policy (PDF)


Online Appeal Application

All parking citation appeals must be filed within 10 business days of the citation date. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Motor Vehicle:

To operate or park a motor vehicle on campus the following criteria’s must be met:

  1. License and Insurance are current.  This includes the following:
    1. Driver’s license to operate the vehicle.
    2. Vehicle license plate displayed on the vehicle.
    3. Insurance coverage for the vehicle.
    4. Vehicle registration permit
    5. Vehicle state inspection permit (if applicable).
    6. The vehicle license plate information and the state issued driver’s license information is registered with Campus Police Department and that both conform to city and state regulations  in operating and parking the vehicle.
    7. A Concordia University Texas parking permit must be displayed in the appropriate location on the vehicle at all times.  The parking permit must be hanging/visible from the rear view mirror or visible from the dashboard of the vehicle. 


Parking Information:

Parking at Concordia University Texas is a privilege granted to all current students with a valid parking permit. Due to the increased demand for parking space, a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.

The following guidelines apply to and must be adhered to for parking:

  1. Vehicles must be properly registered and identified with CTX Police Department.
    •  To register your vehicle click on the above link labeled Online Parking Permit Application and read information accompanying it. 
    •  Once you have finished registering your vehicle online you will need to bring the following to CTX Police Department located in D-124:
      • State issued driver's license
      • Insurance coverage for the vehicle
    • If your vehicle information changes during the semester, you are required to and are responsible for updating the information with the CTX Police Department.

2. Park only in areas that your vehicle has been designated for parking in.

3. Occupy only one space when parking the vehicle.

4. Do not park in spaces specifically designated for a specific purpose or person(s), i.e.: fire lane, handicapped, visitors, etc., as your vehicle will be subject to being towed at the owner's expense.



Concordia University Texas assumes no liability for your vehicle or for personal items stolen from your vehicle, nor for any damage to your vehicle while parked on University property.

Parking Violation Appeal Information:

Individuals wishing to contest a ticket may complete an Online Appeal Application and submit it with all necessary evidence within ten business days of the date of the violation.  Parking appeals are decided by CTX Police Department. 

The parking violation appeal process does not in any way guarantee that a citation will be dismissed.  A response will be given within ten business days of the date the appeal is received. 

If the fine is NOT dismissed, the individual will be responsible for payment of the fine.

Any further communication or evidence submitted after a decision has been rendered will be inadmissible and will not be considered in the appeal.

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