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Student Empowerment Faculty Assisted Scheduling

Student Advising

Concordia provides faculty advisors to assist students with timely and accurate scheduling and registration. Every student is assigned a faculty advisor based on the student’s chosen major or their Center location (ADP). Faculty advisors are familiar with the academic programs offered by Concordia University Texas and are able to assist students in making appropriate educational choices. Students are encouraged to make an appointment and visit with their academic advisor or Center dean/director (ADP)prior to registration.

Students have the opportunity and responsibility for:

  • knowing and meeting the requirements of their degree program,
  • enrolling in courses appropriate to the degree program,
  • taking courses in the proper sequence to ensure orderly and timely progress, and
  • seeking advice about degree requirements when appropriate.

If you don't know who your advisor is, you may access the information through MyInfo or you may bring photo ID to the Registrar's Office and we will be happy to look the information up for you.

Traditional Undergraduate

Returning undergraduate students participate in registration during the fall and spring terms during designated periods of time. Check the academic calendar and watch the Registrar's website for announcement of these times. For students who register during these periods of time, they will have opportunity to make changes to their fall schedule during the summer term when the website again becomes active for on-line add/drops.

Online Registration Tutorial

ADP Undergraduate

Returning undergraduate students in the Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) participate in on-line registration during each term during designated periods of time. ADP students register for each term during the on-line registration period and are allowed to make changes only during that time period.

Online Registration Tutorial


Graduate students in the Master's of Education on-campus graduate program participate in registration during the fall and spring terms during designated periods of time. Check the academic calendar and watch the Announcements section of the Registrar's website for notification of these times.

Online Registration Tutorial

Graduate students in the Master's of Education degree cohort program do not participate in on-line course registration. As part of the graduate cohort program, admitted students to the M. Ed. program are registered for all courses at the time of admission.

New undergraduate students will work with their Admission Counselor and the Coordinator of Advising to develop a schedule for their first semester of attendance. The incoming student will register for the selected courses through the Coordinator of Advising.

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