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How to Calculate your Major GPA


Step 1:  Determine which courses on your transcript are required in your major

Step 2:  On your transcript, you will find your grade for each course converted into points. This number is to the immediate right of your grade. Add the total number of points for all of the courses required in your major.

Step 3:  Add up the total number of credits for the courses required in your major. You will find this number to the immediate left of your grade.

Step 4:  Divide.


ACCT 311            3.00       B            9.00

ACCT 321            3.00       C            6.00

  BIOL 102             4.00       A          16.00


Total Points/Total Credits = MGPA

31.00/10.00 = 3.10


Your major GPA is 3.10


Are you an empowered student?

If you are not already one, you can be! As an empowered student you take control of your educational program and have an advisor who gives you the necessary tools and suggestions you need to make well thought out informed decisions regarding your course schedule and degree program. As an empowered student you take an active role in your course scheduling and registration process. You will register for courses on-line, seek out information, and be knowledgeable of policies and procedures.

What is Academic Advising?

It is our belief that Academic Advising is a very important part of a college education. The advisors at Concordia are here to help our students have a satisfying academic experience and to encourage them to use the resources available to them on campus. Academic Advising will provide the student will the tools and suggestions needed to make well thought out informed decisions regarding their academic career.

What is Course Scheduling?

Process by which the student utilizes the information and resources provided by the university and advisor to develop a schedule for registration that will move them toward achievement of their educational goal. To access on-line registration, click on the MyInfo link on the left side of this page.

Online Registration Tutorial (PDF)


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