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Board of Regents

Concordia University Texas
Academic Year 2014 / 2015 Board of Regents

Jim Albers Walburg, TX
Quentin Anderson Harlingen, TX
Barry Burgdorf Austin, TX
Albert Carrion (Chair) Austin, TX
Jim Cleary Houston, TX
Mark De Young Austin, TX
Rev. Allen Doering Kingwood, TX
Rev. Michael Dorn Houston, TX
Stephen Eggold Arnold, MO
Rev. Kenneth Hennings Burnet, TX
Rebecca Kieschnick Sinton, TX
Dr. Max Kiesling Frisco, TX
Dr. Margaret Landwermeyer Austin, TX
Noreen Linke Sugar Land, TX
Chuck Requadt Seabrook, TX
Robyn Roberts Giddings, TX
Daniel Schaefer Lincoln, TX
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