Student Financial Services Forms

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Student Financial Services Forms

Not all forms are required of financial aid applicants.  Student Financial Services will notify you if you need to fill out a specific form.

Accepting Your Financial Aid in MyInfo (PDF)

Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident (PDF)

CTX Financial Aid Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Direct Loan Instructions (PDF)

Direct PLUS Loan Request Form and Instructions (PDF)

Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Request Form and Instructions (PDF)


IRS Form 4506T (PDF)

Merit Scholarship Appeal (PDF)

Merit Scholarship Reinstatement (PDF)

SAP Appeal - Student Financial Services (PDF)

Special Circumstance Instructions  (PDF)

TEACH Grant Information (PDF)

TEG Appeal (PDF)

TEG Transfer Student Eligibility (PDF)


2015-2016 Aid Year

501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) Certification of Employment 15-16 (PDF)

ADP Award Information 15-16 (PDF)

DCE Certification Application 15-16 (PDF)

Declaration of Intent 15-16 (PDF)

Degree Verification - Student Financial Services 15-16 (PDF)

Dependent Status Verification 15-16 (PDF)

EPP Certification of Employment 15-16 (PDF)

High School Completion Verification - Student 15-16 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet - Dependent 15-16 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet - Independent15-16 (PDF)

Lutheran School Certification of Employment 15-16 (PDF)

MBA Award Information 15-16 (PDF)

MED Award Information 15-16 (PDF)

Nontax Filer Information - Parent 15-16 (PDF)

Nontax Filer Information - Student 15-16 (PDF)

SNAP (Food Stamps) Documentation - Dependent 15-16 (PDF)

SNAP (Food Stamps) Documentation - Independent 15-16 (PDF)

Statement of Child Support Paid - Dependent 15-16 (PDF)

Statement of Child Support Paid - Independent 15-16 (PDF)

Tax Filer Information - Parent 15-16 (PDF)

Tax Filer Information - Student 15-16 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 15-16 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 15-16 (PDF)

Traditional General Information Brochure 15-16 (PDF)

Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose 15-16 (PDF)

Verification of Untaxed Income - Dependent 15-16 (PDF)

Verification of Untaxed Income - Independent 15-16 (PDF)

Veteran Benefits Verification 15-16 (PDF)


2014-2015 Aid Year

501(c)(3) Certification of Employment 14-15 (PDF)

Accepting Your Financial Aid in MyInfo 14-15 (PDF)

ADP Award Information 14-15 (PDF)

DCE Certification Application 14-15 (PDF)

Degree Verification - Student Financial Services 14-15 (PDF)

Dependent Status Verification 14-15 (PDF)

EPP Certification of Employment 14-15 (PDF)

High School Completion Verification - Student 14-15 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet - Dependent 14-15 (PDF)

Household Size Worksheet - Independent 14-15 (PDF)

Lutheran School Certification of Employment 14-15 (PDF)

MBA Award Information 14-15 (PDF)

MED Award Information 14-15 (PDF)

Nontax Filer Information - Parent 14-15 (PDF)

Nontax Filer Information - Student 14-15 (PDF)

SNAP (Food Stamps) Documentation - Dependent 14-15 (PDF)

SNAP (Food Stamps) Documentation - Independent 14-15 (PDF)

Statement of Child Support Paid - Dependent 14-15 (PDF)

Statement of Child Support Paid - Independent 14-15 (PDF)

Tax Filer Information - Parent 14-15 (PDF)

Tax Filer Information - Student 14-15 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 14-15 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 14-15 (PDF)

Traditional General Information Brochure 14-15 (PDF)

Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose 14-15 (PDF)

Verification of Untaxed Income - Dependent 1415 (PDF)

Verification of Untaxed Income - Independent 14-15 (PDF)

Veteran Benefits Verification 14-15 (PDF)


Prior Year Texas Residency Forms

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 13-14 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 13-14 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 12-13 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 12-13 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 11-12 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 11-12 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 10-11 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 10-11 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 09-10 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 09-10 (PDF)

Texas Core Residency Questionnaire 08-09 (PDF)

Texas Supplemental Residency Questionnaire 08-09 (PDF)

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