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The Concordia MBA

The Concordia MBA is a two-year, 36 credit hour program for professionals with a sincere desire to become leaders who will change the world. It is designed for those who want to master core business concepts, analytical tools and leadership skills to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

This program is designed for those working in a variety of settings, including small business, corporate, non-profit and public sectors.

The Concordia MBA could be the next step in your journey. Whether your goal is to progress in your current organization, start a new venture of your own, or become a community leader, this program is a catalyst toward a more meaningful and successful life.


Concordia MBA Graduates will:

  • Master core business concepts and analytical tools
  • Be able to make courageous and effective decisions about complex business situations
  • Identify, organize and deploy resources for a business or undertaking that positively impacts the community
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate
  • Develop and deepen personal commitment, values and vision to be an authentic presence that brings good to the world


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