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A Kinesiology major will prepare you for a variety of fields related to sports and exercise science. Common career paths include:

  • teaching and coaching
  • personal training
  • graduate programs ranging from physical therapy to sport management

Our courses prepare students to enter fields like coaching, athletic training, and personal training upon graduation, pending certification. Students interested in graduate education will be well-prepared and have the prerequisite courses for a variety of programs related to exercise science.



These are integral to the Kinesiology major.

Students in the "generalist" and "fitness and wellness supervisor" specializations are required to enroll in our senior-level internship course (KIN 4310) as a component of their degree program.

Pre-physical therapy (PT) students will have to perform internship/observation hours as an element of the admissions process for graduate PT programs. As a result, the internship course is built into the pre-PT degree specialization.

Due to the diverse interests of our students, we allow them to arrange their own internships rather than pre-arranging them. Instructors are always eager, however, to assist students in setting up an internship. Recent students have done internships with the Texas Stars, local high schools, nearby physical therapy clinics, and even summer camps.


Learning Environment

In each course, we strive to make the material relevant to our students.

  • In KIN 3311 - Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Biomechanics, a required course for all KIN majors, students will gain detailed knowledge about bones, joints, and muscles. Rather than simply focusing on memorizing anatomical details, however, students also perform a variety of labs in which they palpate many of the structures on classmates as they would have to do in physical therapy or athletic training settings. Moreover, testing focuses on application: how dysfunction of joints or muscles affect the entire body through the kinetic chain.
  • In KIN 3331 - Coaching Team Sports, students will gain an in-depth understanding of rules and strategies of a variety of sports. They not only gain the technical knowledge, but also learn from guest speakers who discuss the practical aspects and challenges of coaching. Students are thus better prepared for many of the challenges that await them as they begin their careers.
  • A student recently in KIN 4330 - Exercise Physiology - commented:
    "(the) course was definitely a challenging course, but overall I learned a ton of material that will be useful later on for me."
    Our courses are regularly described as both "challenging" and "extremely interesting" because we focus on both technical information and practical application.

Our goal in every course is to help students gain detailed knowledge that will help them become competent professionals many fields related to exercise science.



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