Fire Safety

Fire Safety          

Fire Safety Week

This week CTXPD will focus on fire safety, in an effort to prevent an estimated 3,800 university housing fires from occurring in the United States each year (reported by FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency).  During this week, you can anticipate fire drills to be completed in every building along with the testing of CTX Alert.  Please go to MyInfo and make sure your information is accurate. 

Here are some helpful hints:

  1. Know the evacuation plan and routes for campus facilities.
  2. Smoke only in designated smoking areas.


If you see a fire:

  1. Extinguish only if you can do so safely and quickly.
  2. Notify CTXPD of the size and location of the fire.


If the fire cannot be extinguished:

  1. Activate the nearest fire alarm and alert others.
  2. Confine the fire by closing the doors.
  3. Evacuate via the nearest exit and knock on doors and shout “FIRE” as you go.
  4. Do not look for other people, but assist others with exiting the building.
  5. NEVER use an elevator.
  6. Avoid smoke-filled areas.


Please, take this week to start conversations about how to prevent fires, but also what to do in case of a fire. 

Common Forms:


If you still have questions, please come by the CTXPD or email us at

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