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2012 Personal Safety Campaign

Personal Safety Poster

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 20 to 25 percent of college women in the United States experience attempted or completed rape while in college.  At Concordia University Texas we are concerned about making sure you are safe, but also equipping you with the knowledge to hopefully prevent this from happening.  

This week, Concordia University Texas is focusing on personal, residence hall, and vehicle safety.   During this week, you will see posters around campus with personal safety tips along with an opportunity at Tornado Tuesday to resister your bicycle and personal items with CTX Police.  The residence halls will be focusing on health and wellness including an inspection of each room.  

Below are some helpful suggestions about keeping you and your personal items safe. 

Personal Safety Tips:

Residence Hall Safety

  • Lock your hall room door ANYTIME you leave.  Most thefts and burglaries from rooms occur when the resident was “only gone a few minutes.”
  • Report all suspicious activity to hall staff and to the Concordia Police Department.

Vehicle Safety:

  • Secure and lock up your vehicle when not in use.
  • Take all valuables (for example: Purses, iPods, money, GPS machines, etc.) out of vehicle.

Remember: The best way to solve crime is to prevent crime.  Do your part in keeping our campus safe.  Report all suspicious activity.

Anytime you do not feel safe please call CTX Police.  We will assist you in whatever safety concerns you have.  Finally, when you are walking across campus and do not feel safe call CTX Police and one of the CTX security personnel will escort you.

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