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Online Course Offerings

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Concordia now offers fully-online programs, designed to allow busy, working adults to continue their education without interrupting work and family commitments. 

Check out our online offerings in the schedule. Accessible from almost anywhere, instructor engagement, and great learning are all possible with online courses.  If you have any questions, contact Alex Fitterer at

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Concordia University Texas also offers the opportunity for students to take selected courses online through our partnership with the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU). Each term, the courses available will be found here along with instructions on how to register for the courses.

NOTE:  OCICU policies and process differ from the policies and proceses of the CTX Online Center. Make sure that you are aware of registration and drop/withdrawal deadlines.  

List of Fall 2015 OCICU course offerings (PDF) approved for credit for Concordia University Texas.

List of Summer 2015 OCICU course offerings (PDF) approved for credit for Concordia University Texas.

Registration procedure for OCICU courses

  1. Student researches OCICU courses offered by Concordia (see link to list of courses above); determines which course is needed; goes to OCICU website to determine pre-requisites needed to take the course (click on university offering course you want to take and then click on course for description and requirements).
  2. Student should contact Student Central to be sure that there are no holds or registration restrictions on their account.
  3. Student approaches Center Director (ADP) or Online Center Dean (traditional) for advising about OCICU requirements and pre-requisites. Students should supply confirmation that pre-requisites have been met (i.e. copies of transcripts).
    • For ADP students, Center Director approves or denies request and, if approved, signs completed registration/schedule change form, which the student has signed.
      • Form is scanned and sent to the Online Center Dean.
      • Original form containing all required signatures is mailed to Registrar’s Office.
    • For traditional students,
      • Online Center Dean approves or denies request and, if approved, signs completed registration/schedule change form.
      • Original form containing all required signatures must be sent to Registrar’s Office
  4. Once signed forms are received, the Online Center Dean registers student for OCICU course selected.
  5. Once notified by OCICU that successful OCICU registration has taken place, the Registrar’s Office will register the student into the Concordia system.
  6. Student is billed for tuition and online course fee (non-refundable).
  7. Student should frequently check email for communication from OCICU or Concordia concerning registration.


NOTE:  If student decides to drop an OCICU course, student must drop it BEFORE the date listed for each course offering.   If student fails to drop it before the OCICU college's designated drop date, student will be held financially responsible for the course charges and any applicable late drop fees.


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