Placement Policy

Entering Student Placement Policy

Authority: Provost

Approved: January 27, 2010


All students entering Concordia University Texas for the first time are required to take the English Accuplacer, unless they have transfer credit for the equivalent of English 1316 and the Math Accuplacer, unless they have transfer credit for college level math. No student will be allowed to register until they have either sent us a transcript indicating successful completion of English and Math or have completed the Accuplacer tests.

Students will be placed into courses according to the following criteria:

English: Students who score an 80 or above in both sections will be placed in 1316. Students with 79.9 or below in either section will be placed in 1300.

Math: All students will take the Elementary Algebra Accuplacer test. They will then take either the College-Level Mathematics Accuplacer test or the Arithmetic Accuplacer test depending upon their scores as outlined below.

If students scores ≥ 82 on EA, they take College Level Math (CLM):

CLM < 63 Level 1
63 ≤ CLM < 86 Level 2
86 ≤ CLM < 103 Level 3
103 ≤ CLM Level 4

If students scores <82, they take the Arithmetic test (AT):

AT < 90 Level 0

AT ≥ 90 Level 1

Re-testing policy:

A student is allowed to take each section of the Accuplacer a total of 2 times for a given semester. There must be 24 hours between tests. If the student fails the test twice, they are allowed to take the test 1 final time for the following semester. In this case, there must be 30 days between the 2nd and 3rd tests.


Placement Policy (PDF)

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