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Full-Time Faculty

Lynette Gillis

Lynette Gillis   512-313-5301
Interim Dean - College of Business, C-209


Anthony Ross

Anthony Ross  512-313-5306
Assistant Professor - Accounting, C-266


Shane Sokoll

Shane Sokoll    512-313-5309
Professor - Human Resources Management, C-269


Elizabeth Moliski

Elizabeth Moliski  512-313-5309
Assistant Professor - Finance, C-268


Lee Pilz

Leland Pilz  512-313-5305
Instructor - Marketing, C-267


Elena Skouratova

Elena Skouratova  512-313-5309
Assistant Professor - Finance, C-268


Elise Brazier

Dr. Elise Braizer, 512-313-5308
MBA Program Director, C-279

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