Concordia University Communication Major


CTX Communication students in the radio lab

The Communication major at Concordia allows students to discover, evaluate, and create authentic messages for a greater good in our world. Our concept of good is grounded in a Lutheran understanding of law and gospel, sin and grace, guilt and redemption. We look to the model of Martin Luther as a courageous, authentic, and effective communicator.

While our distinction as a program is embedded in all our classes, our Lutheran ethos is featured directly in courses like Communication and the Church, and Cinema and Religion. The faculty help students develop eloquent and articulate messages in written, verbal, and visual form while being sensitive to particular audiences, message construction, and intended impact. The faculty recognize human fallibility in interactions with others and help students navigate those limitations and learn to take responsibility for their communication. 

We aim to excel at dialogue – the ability to take multiple ideas (even paradoxical ones) into account and facilitate productive discussions.  In our Communication program, students discover and affirm vocation through direct hands-on learning in the classroom as well as through practicum and internship work in preparation for advanced degrees, career pursuits, or a life of ministry.

The richness of academic freedom is lived out daily within our discipline as a broad spectrum of ideas are explored while engaging in the big topics of what is true, good, and beautiful in this life—features characteristic of the liberal arts. 






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