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The Isaiah 49 Program: Preparing for Service in Child Welfare is a grant-funded initiative whose goal is to create opportunities for students from across the Concordia University System, who have a passion for working in child welfare, to receive educational, spiritual, and vocational training and internship experiences that will motivate and prepare them for future service to vulnerable children in public and private agencies, including those affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

The Isaiah 49 Program is funded through a generous grant from the Lutheran Women's Missionary League.

Program Overview

Child Welfare Internships

Three Concordia University Texas students are selected as Child Welfare Interns. These students will gain exciting experiences through a year-long, paid internship with Lutheran Social Services of the South (LSS) and will also receive six hours of course credit toward the degree requirements for their major. Interns will accompany professional family service workers on home visits to foster families and group homes and to court appearances. They will also receive a series of specialized trainings. This year, the interns will also focus on a specific initiative: recruiting minority foster families and families who want to work with difficult to place children.

Service-Learning Mission Projects

Interns will also develop their leadership skills through planning and leading service-learning projects involving other Concordia students. These projects will benefit children in LSS care.

Service-Learning Mission Trips

Students will participate in mission trips serving children in the care of child welfare organizations throughout the United States.

Summer Institutes

Students from throughout the Concordia University System will be eligible to participate in a week-long summer institute where they will engage in spiritual reflection on vocation and receive education and training regarding issues in the child welfare system.

Educational Presentations

Students will make presentations to the campus community at the end of their internship year or mission trip, detailing their experiences and encouraging others to become involved with projects and volunteer opportunities related to vulnerable children.

Researchers from the Concordia University System as well as other universities and officials from public and private agencies will provide information and training through periodic lectures and forums.

For more information about Isaiah 49 Program opportunities to serve, as well as the lecture series, please contact:
Ann Schwartz, Ph.D.
Director, Isaiah 49 Program

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