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COE Faculty and Staff

Name Position Phone
Undergraduate Faculty and Staff
Antrim, Dr. Joanne Assistant Professor 512.313.5116
Baker, Sarah Jean Assistant Professor, Director of ECE / Elementary Education 512.313.5114
Buchheimer, Dr. Paul Associate Professor, Director of Placement 512.313.5102
Carey, Dr. Grant Assistant Director of Religious Education Program (DCE) 512.313.5121
Chittick, Cari Assistant Professor, Director of Special Education 512.313.5109
Hollatz, Dr. Jake Assistant Professor, Director of Middle School / Secondary Education 512.313.5107
Leonard, Dr. Jonathan Associate Professor 512.313.5113
Prewett, Glenda Executive Administrative Assistant 512.313.5108
Youmans, Dr. Jacob Assistant Professor, Director of Religious Education Program (DCE) 512.313.5106
Graduate Staff
Chai, Alison M.Ed. Certification Officer 512.313.5119
Lugo, Kathy Graduate Student Support Coordinator, Austin 512.313.5118
Mitschke, Patricia Graduate Student Support Coordinator, San Antonio 210.253.3255
Taplin, Lori Graduate Student Support Coordinator, DFW 512.313.5603
Schultz, Lynne Graduate Student Support Coordinator, Houston 832.341.1601
Graduate Faculty
Antrim, Dr. Joanne Assistant Professor 512.313.5116
Brown, Dr. Allen Interim Dean; Division Chair of Graduate Studies 512.313.5112
Buchheimer, Dr. Paul Associate Professor 512.313.5102
Crow, Dr. Karen Regional Graduate Coordinator - DFW 214.683.9310
Hall, Dr. Doug Program Director for Graduate Teacher Certification 512.313.5619
Hollatz, Dr. Jacob Assistant Professor 512.313.5107
Jones, Dr. Greg Regional Graduate Coordinator - Houston 281.727.6381
Leonard, Dr. Jonathan Associate Professor 512.313.5113
Ramos, Dr. Jose Regional Graduate Coordinator - San Antonio 210.253.3259
Wallace, Dr. Mike Director of Educational Administration 512.313.5104
Winkler, Dr. Chris Senior Regional Coordinator, MED Program
Director of Sports Administration
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