Preparing for Graduation


Concordia University Texas provides Commencement Services three times during the academic year: during the fall term, the spring term and the summer term. See Commencement Dates.

Please use the Graduation Checklist (PDF) to make sure all necessary tasks are completed.


Graduation Registration

Candidates for a Concordia University Texas degree or Lutheran Teacher Diploma must be registered for the appropriate Graduation Course during the final term in which their work is to be completed and the diploma/certificate is to be awarded. 

All students completing their studies must register for graduation regardless of their intent to attend the commencement service. If a student does not register for graduation, their record will not be flagged for graduation processing and the student would unfortunately not graduate.

Students register online for graduation like it is a course in the secure area of MyInfo. Registration for the graduation courses will begin when the normal registration period opens as published in the Academic Catalog (PDF), and will end the second Friday of each term.

If an online registration tutorial or refresher is needed, please visit the Online Registration Instructions (PDF).

Registering for the graduation course charges the corresponding fee to the student’s account and initiates a comprehensive graduation degree audit. When the graduation audit is completed, notification of the outcome of this audit is sent to the student’s email account. Please see the Academic Catalog (PDF), Tuition and Fees section for information on fees.

Note: Late graduation registration may result in the student’s name being omitted from the commencement program and/or interfere with the student’s ability to purchase commencement regalia.

Extended Graduation Registration

If the student does not complete the work in the semester for which graduation registration took place, the registration will remain active for the remainder of the academic year in which student applied (the academic year is the period of time from the first day of fall term to the final day of the following summer term).

However, if the student does not complete their work in the extended graduation registration period, the student must re-register for graduation and will be charged a re-application fee.

CTX Email

Pending graduates will receive important information regarding graduation and commencement via their CTX email accounts. It is the student's responsibility to check their CTX email accounts regularly, as all official communication from Concordia University Texas can only be sent to CTX student email accounts. For login and password assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 512-313-HELP or When a student graduates from Concordia University Texas, their CTX email account is theirs for life.

Outside Courses or Examinations

Students enrolled in outside courses or who plan to take exams for credit during their final term of study should inquire with the Graduation Office to verify when due dates are for official enrollment verifications, official score reports (CLEP, IBO, DANTES, etc.), and final official transcripts for the term.

Concordia University Texas strongly recommends that students do not take courses at other institutions or examinations for credit such as CLEP during the final term of study. Delays can occur in the shipment of final official transcripts and score reports from other institutions or organizations. This in turn can delay the term in which the student is awarded their degree.

Official enrollment verification from another college or institution:

  • Can take the form of a sealed official transcript showing the course(s) as "In Progress" or an official enrollment verification letter from the other institution detailing the courses in which the student is enrolled.
  • Until the official enrollment verification is received, a student cannot be cleared to graduate or to walk in commencement.

Students taking courses at other institutions should always complete a Transfer Course Approval Form prior to registering for the course(s) and submit the form to Student Central or to their Student Support Coordinator. This will ensure that the course(s) the student plans to take will transfer in as needed.

Note: Late submission of enrollment verifications or exam score reports may result in the student’s name being omitted from the commencement program and/or interfere with the student’s ability to purchase commencement regalia. Late submission of final official transcripts, score reports, etc., will delay a student's date of graduation by one full term.

Degree Certification

Degrees are awarded three times a year at Concordia University Texas. After the term is complete, final grades are due from faculty the following week (see Academic Calendar PDF). Once grades are posted and finalized for the term, the graduation office can begin the process of degree certification. Each student is individually re-audited to ensure that all degree requirements have been met.

Once it is determined that a student has met all degree requirements, their degree will be awarded and posted to the student's transcript. Undergraduate students will also have any applicable Latin Honors designation posted to their transcript at this time. Students may monitor this progress by viewing their unofficial transcript in the secure area of MyInfo.

As applicable:

  • Diplomas will indicate Degree, Major, Degree Date.
  • Final transcripts will indicate Degree, Major, Concentration/Specialization, Degree Date, and for undergraduate students, applicable Latin Honors designation.

Any student that has not met graduation requirements will receive an email to their account as well as a letter to their permanent address as shown in MyInfo detailing which requirements are missing so that they can graduate in a later term. 


The average length of time for diploma delivery is 1-2 months from the point of that all degree certifications are completed following the end of the term.

Diplomas are mailed at no cost to a student’s permanent address as shown in MyInfo. Any address changes can be completed in the secure area of MyInfo. A student may have other active addresses on file (current, billing, etc.). In diploma shipment however, the active permanent address will take precedence over all others. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the permanent address in MyInfo is correct at all times, but especially prior to the end of the term in which the student will graduate. Diploma mailing addresses are confirmed by the Graduation Office on the first business day after the term is completed.

If a diploma is lost in the mail because the student did not provide our office with an accurate address by the time addresses are confirmed, the student will be charged the replacement fee for a new diploma. 

The name placed on the diploma is the one found in the university data system. Students will find the exact spelling and format of their name in the official email that they receive showing their graduation audit results. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that their name is correct. The only name change permitted on the diploma are those made to the student’s official records. If needed, please see the "Name Change Request" section below for this process.

If a diploma must be reprinted and resent because the student did not verify the spelling and format of their name, the student will be charged the replacement fee for a new diploma.

Please Note:  If a student has an outstanding financial obligation to the university, we will be unable to release their diploma until the obligation is resolved.

Name Change Request

If needed, a change of name in the student data system can be completed by:

        1.) Filling out a Name Change Request Form (PDF)
        2.) Providing two forms of appropriate documentation or ID (driver's license, passport, marriage license, etc.)

The above must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office no later than four (4) weeks prior to the commencement date for that term. The name requested on the form must exactly match the name shown on both forms of identification provided.

Cap and Gown Orders

You may order your cap and gown through the Concordia University Bookstore at any time during your final term of study. However, to receive your cap and gown order from the Bookstore prior to Commencement, your eligibility to participate in the Commencement Service must be confirmed by the Graduation Office.

Questions regarding your cap and gown order should be directed to the bookstore via email at or phone at 512.313.4850. The Graduation Office does not have access to cap and gown, announcement, thank you note, or class ring ordering information, deadlines, etc.

  • You will need to include your full legal name, height, weight, and degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master).
  • Orders received after the deadline will incur a $10 fee for expedited shipping.
  • Cap and gown orders may be picked up from the Concordia location of your choosing, or you may have your order shipped to your home for an additional charge.
  • Undergraduate students eligible for Latin Honors will receive their honor cords with their cap and gown orders.
  • Graduate students receive honors regalia only through the Honor Society in which they are a member.
  • Students must contact the Honor Society or Honor Society representative directly for Honor Society commencement regalia.
  • The bookstore will be present at the commencement site with any extra gowns, tassels, etc. that they still have in stock. They will also have a supply of CTX items, diploma frames, etc. The bookstore generally does not have extra hoods on Commencement Day.

Your cap and gown are yours to keep. If you do not wish to keep it, the commencement gowns Concordia University Texas use are recyclable and recycling bins will be provided at the commencement site.

Announcements, Thank You Notes, Class Rings

Personalized announcements, thank you notes and class rings are also available through Concordia University Bookstore. Please contact the Bookstore directly for questions about your order, ordering deadlines, etc.


For additional information regarding Graduation or the Commencement Service please contact the Graduation Office at 512.313.4643 or

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