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Biology ClubClubs and Organizations are an important part of student life at Concordia University Texas and play a large role in campus programming and events. Each academic year students must submit an application to be considered an active club., the new hub for student organizations, contains detailed homepages for a variety of our clubs. A complete list of 24 active clubs can be found below for 2014-2015.

Students interested in starting a group are encouraged to contact Student Life via email at for more information on how to get started. Photo: CTX Biology Club and CTX Pre-Med Club at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas, TX 2013


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Note: Outside businesses or organizations who wish to connect with these groups should contact the Office of Student Life rather than contacting the group directly.



Association for Computing Machinery

Behavioral Sciences Club
The purpose of this organization will be to provide people with an interest in Behavioral Sciences an opportunity to discuss related topics, learn of career opportunities, and become acquainted with the Behavioral Sciences community. 
President: Amanda Hughes 

Biology Club
The mission of Biology Club is to promote academics in the biological sciences while developing a suitable environment for students to converse and express interest in the vast field of biology.  Students become acquainted with the field and its related careers through an array of activities and community work.  In doing so, students become further aware of their disciplines in the biological sciences. 
President: Kelly Le 

Communication Club
The Communication Club exists to provide creative and practical networking opportunities for students interested in the broad amalgam of communication fields.  From journalistic endeavors like 'The Monthly Spin,' to the broadcasting reach of Tornado Radio, the Comm Club facilitates and promotes student interaction with professional fields on and off campus.  Not to mention, they're a pretty fun and classy bunch - and that's a fact. 
President: Krista Hook

DCE Club 
Our mission is to prepare Christian Educators in a collaborative, field-based environment for leadership in equipping people of all ages for various church-related ministries. 
President: Michaela Seeliger 

Education Club
The mission of the CTX Education Club is to promote the following in the lives of Education majors: service and outreach, fellowship with other members, and personal and professional growth. This club seeks to develop future educators in their knowledge and experience through various events and opportunities on campus and the surrounding communities. 
President: Patricia Skelley 

The Executives

Pre-Med Club
President: Sohamy Underwood

Student Nurses Association
The Student Nurses Association serving Concordia University Texas is committed to promote fellowship, mentorship, and guidance among all nursing students. 
President: Jennifer Clark

Texas Master Naturalist


Gamma Beta Phi Society 
The Gamma Beta Phi Society is a nationally recognized, honors-service society. The Concordia University chapter of Gamma Beta Phi strives to recognize and encourage excellence in education; to promote the development of leadership ability and character in its members; and to foster, disseminate, and improve education through appropriate service projects.
President: Jazzy Schwolert

Helping Hands

Honors Program
The goal of the Honors Committee is to encourage academic curiosity and creative scholarship while fostering the development of a powerful community of Christian leaders.  To that end, the Committee develops and enacts 'happenings' within the Honors Program, Concordia University Texas, and the wider community with the twofold goal of enriching students and improving relationships among individuals and groups in society. 
President: Aaron Farrow

President: Caitlin Markert 

Leaders of Christ - CTX 
The Ratio Christi- CTX club strengthens and encourages Christians in their faith, while answering questions anybody has about the Christian faith through meetings and activities.
 Hannah Billups

CTX Mission Club
Student-run club at Concordia University Texas that is dedicated to following the Great Commission of Jesus and pursues opportunities to live missionally both globally and locally.
President: Lauren Moore 

Asian Culture Club
Our mission as Asian Culture Club is to provide an accepting and safe living environment for students at Concordia University Texas. We aim to do so by connecting current students, building friendships, and encourage social forum for those who share and/or are interested in Asian cultures. We will explore and provide insight into the diverse nature of our student body and the diverse nature of Austin, Texas as a whole.
President: Amy Ly

Black Student Union
President: Xzavier Beacham

CTX A.L.I.V.E. is a peer education program that educates and tackles tough social issues college students face such as stress, depression, relationship problems, suicide, eating disorders, alcohol/drug use, and relationship violence & sexual assault. As peer educators, we bring awareness through fun and interactive programming.
President: Leslie Leal 

Anime Club
Anime encompasses a wide range of animated films and television series that are enjoyed around the world. Participation in the Anime Club provides a unique social opportunity for CTX students to view and promote this art form while also gaining an appreciation for Japanese culture.
President: Matthew Buchanan 

The Gamer's Society
The mission of The Gamer’s Society (or TGS) is to help those with an interest in gaming connect, socialize, and learn how to use gaming to spread good will to others. Gaming, as we are defining it, covers both video games and more traditional, non-electronic games. One aspect of the spreading of good will is the application of gaming to Christian Ministry.
Andrew Gregg

CTX Ringers
President: Susan Pacey

Storm Writers
Writing can often be quite solitary, and it is nice to know there are people interested in talking about and reading your work. This is not just a group for English majors! If you’re serious about writing, you are welcomed.
President: Lauren Gerken

Theatre Club
The mission of theatre club is to inspire students to participate in CTX theatre productions, local community theatre, and projects to bring story theatre to local schools-especially Lutheran.  In addition, we promote the growing theatre program at Concordia Texas, and encourage participation in classes for people of all majors to satisfy the need for something different.  In the spirit of these missions, we enjoy attending theatre productions both on and off campus, volunteering for CTX theatre productions, and in the, hopefully near, future we would like to put together story theatre productions for local schools.  Anyone who is interested in theatre in any way- on stage, back stage, or even sitting in the audience- is welcome; we would love to have you!  This is meant to be a laid-back group of people that like to have fun, but would also like to get things done.  Dr. Kelly Gordon, professor of theatre at Concordia Texas, is our advisor. 
President: KyLene Pederson.


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