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A student majoring in environmental science will develop behavior, skills, attitudes, and knowledge consistent with the caring, sharing, and serving mission of Concordia University Texas and in harmony with Christian stewardship in dealing with the biophysical environment. To that end, students who major in environmental science develop a systems approach to environmental concerns, drawing from disciplines such as biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, and the social sciences.

The major goals of environmental education are to help individuals acquire

  • a clear understanding that people are an inseparable part of a system consisting of themselves, culture, and the biophysical environment; and that humans have always had the ability to alter the interrelationships of this system,
  • a broad understanding of the biophysical environment, both natural and man-made, and its role in contemporary society,
  • a fundamental understanding of the biophysical environmental problems confronting humans, how these problems can be avoided, and the responsibility of citizens and governments to work toward their solution, and
  • an attitude of concern for the quality of the biophysical environment which will motivate people to participate in biophysical environmental planning and problem solving.
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