The Environmental Science major at Concordia University Texas was developed from a perceived need to fulfill God's directive for man to be responsible stewards of our environment. The program draws from the expertise of faculty from several academic departments and is taught from the liberal arts perspective. It focuses on a holistic approach to environmental science so that students are prepared to deal with a wide range of environmental concerns as they receive their on-the-job training and perform tasks specific for their professions. The program is also designed to prepare students for graduate studies in fields related to the environment.

This major is designed to be:

  • Interdisciplinary ...so that students use a variety of disciplines to become familiar with the broad-based, multi-dimensional character of the natural world and use knowledge from those disciplines to seek solutions for complex environmental problems.
  • Activity-oriented ...so that students will gain first-hand experience in dealing with environmental components, processes, and problems through a number of field experiences and hands-on, minds-on activities requiring student participation.
  • Flexible ...having a relatively large number of course electives to allow students to choose options according to their particular interests and career preferences within the environmental field.
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