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Important Dates - Undergraduate

Jan 5 - Spring Term Begins

Wk of Jan 5 - Wk of Feb 23 - Session I (online delivery)

Jan 5-Feb 8 - Spring A Courses Begin Week of Jan1 (accelerated delivery)

Jan 5 -Mar 22 - Spring A 10-Week Courses Begin Week of Jan 5 (accelerated delivery)

Jan 12 - First Day of Undergraduate Classes (traditional delivery)

Jan 19 - MLK Day Observance

Jan 16 - Last Day to Add Academic Course (traditional delivery)

Jan 16 - Last Day to Add Graduation Course

Jan 23- Last Day to Drop a Course (without it appearing on transcript for traditional delivery; accelerated and online - see Student Support Coordinator)

Feb 9-Mar 22 - Spring B courses Begin Week of Feb 9 (accelerated delivery)

Feb 9-Apr 26 - Spring B 10-Week Courses Begin Week of Feb 9 (accelerated delivery)

Wk of Mar 2 - Wk of Apr 20 - Session II (online delivery)

Mar 16-20 - Spring Break (traditional delivery)

Mar 18-Apr 1 - CAAP Exam (Juniors and Seniors)

Mar 23-Apr 26 - Spring C courses Begin Week of Mar 23 (accelerated delivery)

Mar 24 - Summer and Fall Early Registration Opens (traditional delivery)

Mar 27- Last Day to Withdraw (with a 'W' on transcript for traditional delivery; accelerated and online - see Student Support Coordinator)

Apr 3-6 - Good Friday/Easter Break

Apr 27-May 1- Final Exams

May 2 - Spring Commencement Services; 9:00 am (all undergraduate candidates and MBA candidates) and 1:00 pm (all MED candidates)

May 3 - End of Spring Term


Important Dates - Graduate

Master of Business Administration - See MBA program cohort guide (available from MBA program director)

Master of Education

First Session (cohort) -Week of Jan 5- Week of  Feb 23

Second Session (cohort) - Week of Mar 2- Week of Apr 27 (no classes during Spring Break)

Full Term Session (online) - Week of Jan 5-Week of Apr 27


All Graduate Programs

Jan 16 - Last Day to Add Graduation Course


CAAP Exam Dates

For juniors and seniors, the CAAP exam will be offered at each Center and on the Main Campus during the following time period. Check MyInfo for registration opportunities.

Spring 2015 Exam: Mar 18-Apr 1

CAAP EXAM SCHEDULE  - to be posted


Posting of Grades

Completed course grades are posted on MyInfo on the 15th and last day of every month for those courses that are complete and for which the professor has entered grades.  Grades posted are visible in MyInfo by selecting the Student Transcripts option. Final calculation of term and cumulative grade point averages and academic standing are completed at the end of the term when all grades are submitted.  End-of-term grades are visible by selecting the Final Grades option in MyInfo.

From Math and Education

Math and Education courses are offered on a rotating schedule. 

Math course rotation schedule (PDF)

Education course rotation schedule (PDF)


Spring 2015 Commencement Services - May 2, 2015

Time: 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m. service

All College of Business, Education, Liberal Arts, and Science undergraduate candidates

All College of Business Master of Business Administration candidates

1:00 p.m. service

All College of Education Master of Education candidates

Commencement Services - see 

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