Student FAQs

Location of campus mail:

Campus mail service is offered by Support Services and located on campus in Building A Annex. Please see the campus map for help finding us.


Your campus address:

(Your first and last name) (your campus box #)
Concordia University Texas
11400 Concordia University Dr.
Austin, TX 78726


What happens when you receive a package:

When a package arrives for you, we assign it a tracking number and put a slip in your campus mailbox. In order to pick up the package, please bring your current university ID and the package slip to the front desk in Support Services. We will then check out the package in our tracking system and hand it to you.

*Please note: you must have your current Concordia University Texas ID to pick up your package.


Who can pick up your mail:

The campus mail system, which is run by Support Services, operates under strict United States Postal Service guidelines in order to offer USPS services from our campus. Because of these guidelines and for security reasons, NO ONE is authorized to pick up mail that is not addressed to them.


Who can mail items from Support Services:

Students can mail items from Support Services and they will be mailed using the United States Postal Service. Please bring the prepared item(s) you wish to mail, and we can weigh them and calculate the postage. You can pay for postage with cash or check, and we will meter and mail the item(s) for you.

Items being shipped Express Mail must be brought to Support Services before 11a.

*Please note: Support Services does NOT sell stamps, but our university bookstore sells stamps.


What happens to your mail over the summer break:

If you go home for the summer and you will be returning to Concordia University Texas in the fall, Support Services will temporarily forward your mail to you over the summer. Additionally, you can keep the key for your campus mailbox for the summer if you are returning. Please fill out the information for mail forwarding to take advantage of the forwarding service. If you do not give us your information, all your mail will be held for you on campus over the summer.


What happens if you lose your campus mailbox key:

If you lose your campus mail key, please come to the Support Services counter and request that we make a new key for you. This will cost $5 and be billed to your university student account.


What happens to your mail when you graduate or stop attending the university:

When you permanently leave Concordia University Texas, your mail will be forwarded to you for 3 months. In order to get your mail forwarded, please fill out the information for mail forwarding to take advantage of this service. If you do not give us your information, we will NOT hold your mail for you. Also, if you leave Concordia University Texas and never turn in your mailbox key, it will cost $10 to rekey the campus mailbox, and it will be billed to your student account. Please note: you will not be able to request official transcripts from the university if your bill has a balance on it.


Support Services • Concordia University Texas • Phone 512.313.4441 • Fax 512.313.3999


The mission of the Department of Support Services is to augment and support the ministry and operations of Concordia University Texas through printing, copying, mail, and customer services.

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