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CTX adds online programs for Spring 2013

Including bachelor and master programs in business and education

Article written by on Oct. 12, 2012

Concordia strives to deliver programs where students need it, and today, that means an increase in online programs. 

Starting in January 2013, Concordia will be launching full online programs in the following areas:

Master of Education: Advanced Literacy

Superintendent Certification

Bachelor of Arts: Human Resource Management


A master of educaton in Differentiated Instruction was launched in August 2012.

Concordia plans to introduce additional online offerings in the future and is exploring those options now.

“We’re looking to take what Concordia does best and replicate it in a virtual environment,” Tammy Stewart, Vice Provost for remote operations said. “It’s a fun time to work with all the colleges to see what make sense to take online.”

The online courses offered are available in eight week sessions during fall, spring and summer semesters. Students are allowed to take online courses through any of Concordia’s five centers, no matter the location of the faculty teaching the course. Traditional and Accelerated Degree Program students are also encouraged to take online classes.

“The online classes are super interactive,” Alex Fitterer, Dean of the Online Center said. “The classes offer the same opportunities to form relationships similar to relationships formed in the classroom.”

The online courses offer more flexibility for busy schedules; however, the coursework is no less intense.

“Students can log in any time,” said Fitterer. “It is a requirement for students to log in weekly, but there is not a requirement as to when they log in throughout that week.”


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