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Requirements and Course Descriptions

POLS Advising Checksheet  2 Yr.  Course Rotation (AY 2015-2017)  POLS Course Descriptions


The B.A. in Political Science from Concordia University Texas will prepare graduates to be professionally literate in the fields of law, politics, research, leadership and analytical reasoning.  In this degree, there are 44 hours of required coursework which includes political science, economics, and behavioral sciences courses, a thesis, scientific methods, and at least three semesters of practicum and/or service experience.

Competencies and Objectives: Consistent with the goals, mission, and objectives of Concordia University Texas and the College of Liberal Arts, this degree has four main competency areas that will be satisfied as the student matriculates through the degree program. The four competency areas are:

  1. political processes (p),
  2. analytical thinking and social empathy (a),
  3. Christian leadership and political craft (l),
  4. and research & writing (r).

These competencies will be evaluated and assessed on a per-course basis with in a fashion that has been both vetted and approved by various institutional stakeholders.

Required Supporting Coursework (6 hours)

ECO 2301 Introduction to Macroeconomics 
SOC 2341 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 


Required Political Science/Behavioral Science Classes (26 hours) beyond the University Core Requirements
Letters in parentheses indicate which competency is addressed.

SOC 2491 Research Methods & Scientific Writing in the Behavioral Sciences (r)
POLS 2331 Principles of Political Science (p)
POLS 2332 American Political Institutions & Processes (p)
COM 3304 Group Dynamics (l)
COM 3331 Organizational Communication (l)
POLS 3333 International Relations & Comparative Politics (p, a)
POLS 3334 Political Philosophies & Ideologies (a)
POLS 4335 Political Science Leadership Capstone* (l, r)
POLS 4136 Political Science Undergraduate Thesis* (r)


Three of the the following (3 hours)
Students must take at least two different types of courses.

POLS 2115 Government Internship - 1-3 Hours (p, l)
POLS 2116 Political Science Mock Practicum - 1 Hour (p, l)
POLS 2117 Community Service/Service Learning - 1 Hour (a, l)
XXX   3398 National/International Travel - 1-3 Hours** (a) 


Three courses (9 hours) from the following
The substitution of one non-Political Science class is allowed with the consent of the Political Science director of major.

POLS 2306 Texas State & Local Government (p, l)
POLS 2302 Introduction to Law (p, a)
POLS 2301 Public Policy (p, a)
POLS 3301 Environmental Policy (p, a)
POLS 3302 American Constitutional Law (p, a)
POLS 3003 Readings in Political Science** (l, a)
POLS 3304 Special Topics in Political Science (a, l)


* Requires POLS 1303, SOC 2341, and SOC 3491 and at least 12 hours of upper level POLS coursework.

**Can only be counted as a political science degree requirement once.

Students must complete all core requirements, political science course requirements, and have no less than 123 total hours to graduate with a B.A. in Political Science

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