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Curriculum and Instruction Teacher Certification

The Curriculum & Instruction with Teacher Certification program is offered on campus as part of the M.Ed. program. Students can take the courses required for certification at the graduate level, which also count toward the M.Ed. degree requirements.

All Master of Education with Teacher Certification students must meet the 24 credit hour requirement in the corresponding teaching field.  For the Generalist certifications, candidates must have completed at least 6 credit hours in each of the following subjects:  English, math, social studies and science.  For single subject content area certification, candidates must have completed at least 24 credit hours in the certification area subject with at least half of those hours in upper division courses. 

During the admissions process, a transcript evaluation will be completed.  Based on the evaluation, the student may be required to take additional courses in their certification content area.  If additional coursework is needed, it may be taken before enrollment or concurrently with the Concordia University Master of Education program; the coursework may be taken at any accredited university.   Students must complete this coursework before they can begin their clinical teaching semester.  Clinical Teaching is required for the M.Ed. degree.


Core Courses (16 Credit Hours)

MED 5101 Field Work

MED 5303 Curriculum Design and Practice

MED 5305 Classroom Teacher as Researcher

MED 5307 Educational Internship

MED 5308 Ethics and Leadership in Education

MED 5309 Differentiated Instruction and Learning Theory


Specialization:  Curriculum & Instruction with Teacher Certification (21 Credit Hours)

CAI 5321 Models of Teaching

CAI 5322 Legal Foundations of Education

CAI 5323 Evaluation and Assessment in Education

CAI 5328 Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education

CAI 5330 Action Research

LTC 5329 Foundations of Literacy

LTC 5331 Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum:  All Levels


Teacher certification is available in the following content areas:

  • EC-6th Generalist

  • 4th-8th Generalist

  • Mathematics (4th-8th / 7th-12th)

  • Science (4th-8th / 7th-12th)

  • Life Sciences (7th-12th)

  • Physical Sciences (6th-12th)

  • Math/Physics (8th-12th)

  • Math/Science (4th-8th)

  • English/Language Arts (4th-8th / 7th-12th)

  • English/Language Arts/Social Studies (4th-8th)

  • History (7th-12th)

  • Social Studies (4th-8th / 7th-12th)

  • Physical Education (EC-12th)

  • Music (EC-12th)


Apply for the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Teacher Certification program

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