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Faculty and Staff

Anthony Ross Anthony Ross  512-313-5306
Assistant Professor - Accounting, C-266
   Randolph Wilt, Ph.D.  512.313.5310
Assistant Professor - HR Program Director, C-268
 Elizabeth Moliski Elizabeth Moliski  512-313-5309
Assistant Professor - Finance, C-263
 David Aronica David Aronica, Ph.D. 512.313.5311
Assistant Professor- Entrepreneurship, C-269
 Lee Pilz Leland Pilz  512-313-5305
Instructor - Marketing, C-267
 Elena Skouratova Elena Skouratova  512-313-5309
Assistant Professor - Finance, C-263
 Elise Brazier Dr. Elise Braizer, 512-313-5308
MBA Program Director, C-279
Faculty picture of Dr. Paul Muench

Paul Muench, PhD


 Faculty picture of Dr. Eric Green

 Erik Green, PhD

Director of the School of Business and Communication

 Faculty picture of Dr. Abigail Pfiester
Abigail Pfiester, PhD
Associate Professor -- Interpersonal Communication
 Faculty picture of Dr. Philip Hohle  
Philip Hohle, PhD
Associate Professor -- Production and Broadcast
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