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HRM Major Course Summaries

MTH 2301 Introduction to Statistics 3.0

Provides students with the methods and logic necessary to perform elementary statistical analysis. Topics may include descriptive measures, probability, sampling, theory of random variables, binomial and normal distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression and correlation, and nonparametric methods. This is a level 2 course. Prerequisite: Placement at level 2 or higher or successful completion of MTH 0320.

CIS 2304 Spreadsheet Software 3.0

Creating and enhancing spreadsheets, including graphing, database functions and macros using current spreadsheet software. Emphasis is placed on problem solving techniques and managing data. Cross-Listed as CJM 2308. (Accelerated Degree Program only)

COM 3331 Organizational Communication 3.0

A study of communication patterns in organizations and practice in communication skills necessary for functioning in complex organizations.

BUS 3310 Leadership and Business 3.0

Leadership, management, and the leadership/management partnership. Also emphasis on managerial roles, interpersonal skills, and understanding oneself and others, teamwork, negotiation, ethics, essential skills, and managerial aids. This course has a writing component.

BUS 3314 Finance for Non-financial Managers 3.0

The course is designed to prepare managers in various fields to make informed financial decisions. It includes an overview of financial statements, job costing, cash management, budget preparation and ratio analysis.

BUS 3380 Production and Operations Management 3.0

The course includes the strategic, tactical, and operational issues that arise in management of production and service operations; product and process design, facilities planning, quality management, materials management, operations planning and scheduling, and emerging technologies in production and service management.

HRM 3305 Legal Concepts in H.R. Management 3.0

Presents the legal environment, particularly as it pertains to the HR profession from the perspective of the professional non-lawyer.

HRM 3315 Training and Development 3.0

Studies needs analysis, training program design, communicating objectives and goals, interrelating with media, teaching, facilitating education, acting as a change agent, administering and evaluating programs.

HRM 3320 Compensation and Benefits 3.0

Looks at compensation models that provide an integrating framework for the HR professional. Major compensation issues are discussed in the context of current theory, research, and practice.

HRM 3325 Labor Relations 3.0

Studies internal labor markets, compensation, and unions looking at labor markets/supply/demand, education and job training, real wage rates, productivity and inequality, discrimination, equal employment opportunity, unemployment, and the world economy's effect on workplace and workers.

HRM 3330 Organizational Staffing/Selection 3.0

Challenges the student to develop a working knowledge of staffing system models, economic conditions, labor markets, and labor unions' influence on staffing.

HRM 3345 Fundamentals of H.R. Management 3.0

Highlights those functions of human resource management identified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) such as employment, training, benefits, etc.

HRM 3350 Overview of Conflict Resolution 3.0

An introduction to the theories and uses of conflict resolution. This course will introduce the relevance of conflict resolution in the field of Human Resources.

HRM 3355 International Human Resource Management 3.0

Basic HR principles and guidelines apply when working with all people, but the quickly-growing global workplace brings more complex and ever evolving challenges. Coursework and discussions will focus on these differences as they apply to companies with employees in multiple global locations as well as to companies whose employees come from international backgrounds. Prerequisite: HRM 3345.

HRM 4315 Strategic Management in Human Resources 3.0

Designed as a capstone course for students pursuing the Human Resource Management Degree at Concordia University Texas. The course is intended to require participants to integrate knowledge gained from the HRM courses required in the degree major. Students will review and apply strategic HRM concepts and issues related to the HR profession (staffing, training, development, compensation, benefits, law, organizational design, high performing teams, diversity, etc.). Prerequisite: Student must have completed CIS 2304, HRM 3345, BUS 3310, HRM 3350, HRM 3315, HRM 3320, HRM 3325, HRM 3330, HRM 3305, BUS 3314.

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